Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

Black Rock Shooter The game Opening Movie/video

a Opening video from BRS the game for PSP,is look awesome too bad I don’t have PSP hahaha 😀

for anyone who already pre-order I think you will not regret it ~

happy birthday for illyasviel von einzbern

ehh illya birthday is 30 mei and I already celebrate it on my facebook account  :p

but I just want to upload it here soo happy b’day illya ~

I am back :D

well I am die for this last 2 month,too lazy for update and busy with something.

I planning on 8 figure review that I pre-order :

  • figma kos-mos,
  • figma miku append
  • Rin 1/7 ubw PVC,
  • nendoroid snow miku play time edition,
  • nendoroid madoka
  • nendoroid kawashima minami,
  • nendoroid totori,
  • 1/7 triela PVC

and that maybe the last list figure I buy this year 2011,because I want to buy android smartphone maybe from samsung or HTC 😀

I am not rich so I happy that I already PO all the figure and I hope I can give a nice review to all of you who visit this blog and maybe I will review some old figure hahaha 😛

soo see you again ~